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ergoHI² CABIN and ergoHI² ROOM enable normobaric altitude training to prepare for extreme challenges, for maximum performance improvement and to support rehabilitation in top-class sports.

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In top-level sport, optimized breathing is always the key to sustainably increasing individual performance and extending performance at the maximum level. Regular training and staying in an oxygen-reduced environment trains the body to perform under these difficult conditions. In this way, real performance optimization can be achieved in top-class sport, the ability to concentrate can be extended and the susceptibility to injury reduced.


Through altitude training, the body adapts its breathing and oxygen intake to the prevailing conditions with reduced oxygen supply. This habituation effect leads to an increase in maximum performance and faster regeneration (endurance / VO2max).


Not only training under oxygen-reduced conditions trains the body. Regular stays to sleep in the ergoHI² CABIN also program the body to be ready to perform under difficult conditions.


The individual combination of endurance and performance training with the regenerative stay in the normobaric altitude environment and our professional training support (planning and analysis) help athletes to measurably improve performance and expand the maximum performance range.


The ergoHI² CABIN was developed to enable athletes to carry out professional high-altitude training individually, stationary but independent of location. The ergoHI² CABIN can be used in any environment. The oxygen content of the ergoHI² CABIN can be infinitely regulated using our ergoHI² TABLET. With our technology, slight altitudes as well as extreme situations (>7.000 meters) can be simulated. Training equipment, beds and even flight simulators can be easily placed in the ergoHI² CABIN.


Using the ergoHI² TABLET and our specially developed software, you can continuously simulate different height scenarios. The oxygen content can be set manually using the ergoHI² TABLET. Thus, defined altitudes can be set. Important KPIs such as oxygen content, nitrogen content and room temperature can be monitored at any time.

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