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ergoHI² enables athletes to do regular altitude training to further increase peak performance – individually tailored, professionally monitored and competently accompanied.

+ Endurance + Performance + Power + Breathing

The performance of top athletes is significantly increased by the advantages of the normobaric altitude training from ergoHI². The body learns to process the available oxygen more efficiently. Here, optimized breathing is always the key to a sustainable increase in individual performance and to longer performance in the maximum range.

ergoHI² Cabin / Room

ergoHI² ROOM and ergoHI² CABIN enable the simulation of altitude training under individually optimized, normobaric conditions. Our ergoHI² ROOM is ideal for stationary training of teams in training centers. The ergoHI² CABIN also enables athletes to continue their individual training or high-altitude sleep while on the move or at home.

ergoHI² Grinder

The innovative ergoHI² GRINDER is a professional endurance and strength training system. With continuously adjustable resistance, the ergoHI² GRINDER allows the athlete to train endurance and strength. The ergoHI² GRINDER was developed to improve maximum resilience under controlled conditions. The ergoHI² GRINDER is also already being used in the field of rehabilitation in top-class sports.

ergoHI² Bike

The ergoHI² BIKE was specially developed to allow top athletes controlled training in the maximum performance range with reduced shock loads at the same time. With our tailor-made analysis software, each training session can be perfectly individualized and professionally monitored. With our tailor-made analysis software, each training session can be perfectly individualized and professionally monitored…. This enables the athletes to go gently to their stress limits and to expand them.

ErgoHi2 athletes

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ergoHI² Sports

Regular, normable altitude training in the ergoHI² CABIN or one of our ergoHI² ROOMS enables athletes to get their bodies used to performing in extreme situations. Football teams as well as racing drivers train with our devices to improve their concentration under extreme stress. At the same time, the maximum performance is increased. Regular altitude training in preparation for challenging, extreme mountain tours is ideal.

ErgoHi2 Development

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