With ergoHI², we are launching a completely unique product that combines sports science with high-tech. Our know-how from the development of training equipment for pilots combined with decades of experience in the training management of top athletes together result in a complete package that brings about significant improvements, especially in high-performance sports, but also in rehabilitation and popular sports.

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The supply of oxygen to the cells in the entire organism is essential for the mental and physical performance of humans. In competitive sports, this has been known for decades, but at the latest since the award of the 2019 Nobel Prize in Medicine for the secret of altitude training, it has also been scientifically proven – hypoxia has a performance-enhancing effect!

But hypoxia not only makes you fit, it also makes you healthy.
Studies prove the positive effect in many different areas:

  • Strengthening and activation of the immune system
  • Improved energy supply
  • Slowing down the aging process
  • Normalization of blood pressure
  • Improvement in respiratory diseases
  • Accelerated weight reduction due to increased fat metabolism
  • Protection of the musculoskeletal system, as there is already a high training effectiveness at low intensities


individual training devices

To train successfully at altitude, you have to know how – and we do! Our sports scientist Christof Weiß has more than 2 decades of experience in altitude training and training control of teams and individual athletes and during this time has made many athletes from different sports to world champions and Olympians with the training concept ergoHI².

Our successful concept ergoHI² combines high intensity training with the altitude training system. Interval training has established itself in professional high-performance sports in recent years. This is supported by numerous current, scientific studies. Of course, regenerative and basic endurance units under altitude conditions are also taken into account in the training planning. Each athlete is analyzed and all areas of their athlete’s life are individually optimized through training, sleep and nutrition counseling to achieve what our concept promises: to increase mental and physical performance through delayed fatigue and thus become more successful and resistant to injury.

ergoHI² ROOM

Training rooms under normobaric hypoxia

By training at simulated altitude, with the same air pressure but reduced oxygen content, the body is trained to significantly improve oxygen uptake in the bloodstream. A more efficient oxygen supply increases the ability to concentrate under high stress and delays muscle fatigue. This increases performance and reduces the risk of injury.

Whether permanently installed high-altitude rooms in buildings or mobile solutions in training rooms, containers or buses, we specialize in individual solutions and are geared to offering versatile solutions due to the different conditions to which athletes are exposed.

Sleeping rooms under normobaric hypoxia

Sleep or prolonged stays at high altitudes increase the formation of new erythrocytes. Red blood cells have a vital function: they absorb oxygen from the air we breathe in our lungs and transport it – bound to the hemoglobin they contain – to every corner of the body. The cells of the body absorb the oxygen and use it for energy production.

Through properly timed altitude sleep cycles, we achieve a significant increase in endurance performance. Our sleep systems are available not only as fixed installations in rooms, but also as mobile variants and on a rental basis. We are the first company in the world to offer our customers high-quality and mobile high-altitude sleeping systems – away from the high-altitude tents that have been on the market until now.

Radergometer ergohi2

ergoHI² BIKE

The ergoHI² BIKE enables targeted HIT training through precise regulation and control technology. By individually adjusting the respective load range, the most effective training per unit is extracted for each athlete.

A 360 degree load and adjustable crank lengths for precise adjustment of the knee flexion angle, cause that can be trained very gentle on the joints.


The SRM ergometers enable precise HIT training and offer a revolutionary approach to cyclic muscle loading through isokinetic training with a load of up to 2500 watts. Through our performance coaching, training programs for athletes are precisely individualized and presented through monitoring systems. Each athlete trains visually exactly in his area where it is most effective.

ergoHI² offers diagnostic training programs for performance development in healthy athletes and rehabilitation in injured athletes. For injured athletes, there are adjustable crank lengths so that the angle of the knee bend can be determined.

Powergrinder ergoHI2

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