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We have been a reliable partner in guaranteeing the supply of goods during the corona pandemic. As a result, we were able to support Austrian government agencies, hospital associations, ministries as well as end users in the fight against COV19. In addition to medical devices, we provided services against the pandemic by offering test lanes and large-scale testing at companies. Sport is a great passion in our team, and that is why we decided to use our expertise and experience in the field of aviation medicine for training equipment’s and performance concepts with ergoHi²

JFJ Health & Sports creates innovations und synergies.


ergoHI² uses its expertise and experience in the field of aviation medicine for training facilities and concepts. Together with sports scientists, the unique ergoHI² training concept was developed for both high-performance and popular sports.

Our altitude training significantly improves performance, providing an increase in endurance and rehabilitation while reducing the risk of injury.

Medical products

As a state-certified medical device distributor and partner of the Austrian Bundesbeschaffung GmbH, we have been supplying federal states, companies and institutions with high-quality certified protective equipment since the beginning of the pandemic. We supply you with protective masks, protective gowns, gloves, etc. on time and in the highest quality.

Covid-19 tests

By setting up test lanes and offering rapid and large-scale testing for companies, JFJ is providing another service against the pandemic. This test lane is operated in cooperation with the ordination Dr. Christian Richter.

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