We at JFJ are competent distribution partners for companies in various industries. We help our customers to find good solutions, which are related to their concerns. The business areas of our company are diverse, but our greatest strength is definitely sales. Because we only offer services and products of which we are 100% convinced regarding quality. For us, a sale is not a deal, but the beginning of a partnership.

Customer service knows no league for us. ABSOLUTE TEAMSPORT SPORTSTEAM always strives to give the best for each of its customers. Our staff visits athletes and clubs directly on-site to ensure professional service, and through years of love for the sport, we are on hand to provide hands-on expertise.


Just press one button and we produce top-quality water when it is needed, free of microplastics and bacteria through the use of state-of-the-art filter technology from BWT. With our Flexibar, we are sustainably reducing the use of plastic bottles for the sake of nature and our children.

With Rent your Mobile we offer companies a comprehensive range of mobile devices which can be rented easily and uncomplicated. This opens up the opportunity for companies to reduce fixed costs and equip employees with cutting-edge equipment from leading manufacturers.
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