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Aleksandar Rakić is a top athlete in mixed martial arts (MMA). He is currently ranked number 3 in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the world’s largest MMA organization. Effective immediately, Rakić will complete his endurance sessions under JFJ Sports’ ergoHI² training management system.

“This means that in the future we will provide the 29-year-old Viennese martial artist with customized training sessions using our absolute high-end training equipment and accompany him on his way to becoming the first Austrian champion in UFC history,” says Andreas Bammer of JFJ Sports. Impressive charisma, an irrepressible will to train and breathtaking fights in the Octagon over 3 x 5min have brought him to the top of the world. To make it to the top of the throne, Aleksandar Rakic now has to prove himself in his first UFC mainfight on March 26, 2022 in Ohio over 5 x 5min against former champion Jan Blachowicz.

MMA is by far no longer a fringe sport. In the USA, it has already overtaken boxing and is one of the top 10 sports, but the hard-hitting sport has also arrived in Europe and has millions of fans. Fighting events take place from Las Vegas to Dubai and Tokyo, thrilling people around the globe. One of them is Aleksandar Rakic. He wants to get to the top, where the air is known to be very thin. Well, and that’s where our expertise lies.

Signing of the contract at MALU Sportsclub in Vienna (Christof Weiß, Pit Hausemer, Aleksandar Rakic, Andreas Bammer, Richard Staudner)

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