The training program for performance enhancement in fitness, health, sports and rehabilitation.

Welcome to JFJ

We are happy to welcome 3 new members to JFJ!

Ground breaking ceremony

In August the construction work for our new company building started!

Diversity meets Competence | SUCCESS THROUGH NETWORK

The origins of JFJ are based in consulting for aeromedical products. Through the competence and expertise of our team, our company has continuously grown, helping various industries to succeed.

The business areas of our company are diverse, but they have one thing in common: We stand 100% behind the services and products we offer!

  • Aviation & Defence

  • Health & Sports

  • Partnerships

  • Aviation & Defence

  • Health & Sports

  • Partnerships

Stories, News und Events | Stay up to date

In recent years, JFJ has experienced rapid growth, which is particularly evident in the increasingly …


At the beginning of the year, FACC AG commissioned JFJ GmbH with sales services in …

Aleksandar Rakić is a top athlete in mixed martial arts (MMA). He is currently ranked …

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