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JFJ Aviation & Defence GmbH is an international aerospace thinktank with a huge global network. Its technical and business development expertise of more than 20 years experience supports a variety of different international enterprises. We are proud that governments around the world as well as well-known manufacturers use our professional consulting services.

Normobaric Training systems/ergoHI² Military

ergoHI² Military was developed to simulate an altitude of up to 7000 m in a mobile or permanently installed room. A distinction is made between the “hypoxia demonstration room” and the “training & acclimation room” With various training modules such as a cockpit with integrated flight simulator, the erghoHI² BIKE, ergoHI² GRINDER and the ergoHI² COACHING, diverse customer requirements and needs can be met.

Altitude simulation training offers myriad benefits such as greatly increased lung capacity, pre-acclimatization to mitigate “acute altitude sickness” or detection of hypoxia symptoms.

Virtual Vision Terrain Board

The Virtual Terrain Board is an outstanding hands-on aircrew and ground forces training device for Night Vison Goggles (NVGs) in a classroom setting and offers a flexible, cost-effective and highly realistic training for air- and ground crews in the field of NVG and FLIR.

Several students can be trained simultaneously using their NVG equipment and view scenes through and under the goggles in a wide range of scenarios. The VTB provides an interactive Night Vision Goggle (NVG) instruction environment that simulates conditions used to help reinforce critical night-flight instruction for safer and effective NVG flight operations. Using the system, students will experience a wide variety of realistic terrains, visibility, and illumination conditions, and see specific examples of where NVGs can be effective as well as ineffective unless properly used.

The VTB is a training device developed by NightReadiness Ltd. and its further developments, training and installations are supported by JFJ Aviation & Defence GmbH.

Hypobaric chamber systems

JFJ Aviation & Defence GmbH and Haux Life-Support GmbH started a global, long-term, and strategic partnership in the field of hypobaric high-altitude physiology. Together we provide the full range of pressure chambers – hyperbaric and hypobaric chamber systems – for all kind of usage (research, training, special applications) as well as service and upgrade of existing installations.

In recent years, the company HAUX Life-Support GmbH has established itself as the world market leader in the field of overpressure and underpressure simulation.

Star Spot SD Trainer

JFJ Aviation & Defence GmbH develops and builds Spatial Orientation Trainers to train pilots appropriate and regular in a safe environment. The STAR SPOT is a highly efficient trainer to improve pilots and crews awareness in recognition spatial disorientations phenomena. It represents a cost-efficient and crucial tool in up-to-date trainings. The STAR SPOT is a comprehensive device for a wide range of visual and vestibular spatial disorientation illusions that may occur in real flight. It is used for civilian as well as military fixed and rotary wing aircrafts. In addition, the STAR SPOT is used for paramilitary and special forces, police, coastguard, air ambulances, offshore unites and uncountable other civilian operators.

Star Eject

The ejection seat remains an avital life-saving device for pilots. Several thousand lifes have been saved using the ejection seat in critical situations. However, still not all ejections have been executed successfully or performed in the right way. 

Therefore, JFJ Aviation & Defence GmbH has developed a cost-efficient, easy and safe to use training system which trains both – learn HOW to eject and learn WHEN to eject.

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